Financial Planning Newsletter• March 19th 2009 

Where do we go now?

This month: An update on the market action along with reminders about tax limits for 08 & 09

Last month I spelled out 3 potential catalysts that would reverse the downward momentum in the markets. Here is an update along with some things to watch for determining if this up move has potential:

Last Month's arguments for momentum change:

"1. We have just registered weekly and monthly exhaustion levels with the S&P on a widely followed technical indicator. This usually precludes a 1 to 4 month counter trend rally. Note: although the indicator means the month of March should close higher than February, it doesn't mean that we can't take a stab lower prior to recovering later in March (think V shaped bottom)"

update: This seems to be playing out as the S&P hit a low around 670 last Monday and is now sitting at 800.

2. "Mark to Market account change: The current accounting rule requires companies to mark their assets at current market prices, which is why we have so many problems with highly leveraged institutions."

update: there has been a lot of discussion recently in congress and with the fasb regarding this rule. No change as of yet, but banks are moving higher possibly in anticipation of a change.

3. "CDS backstop: I won't go into this to much but just to say that Credit Default Swaps are a derivative with nightmare proportions."

update: nothing here yet but suffice it to say that a large portion of that 170 Billion given to AIG went to counterparty institutions such as Goldman Sachs to cover the CDS losses. If we see a sweeping change in CDS contracts it will be a game changer and will propel the market higher.

Bear Market rally or something else?

There is a lot of resistance here at the 800 level on the S&P and we are due for a pause. A couple of positive factors to note: financials, transports and retailers led this move higher. These are leadership sectors that we need to sustain any move.

Another positive is a possible move above $50 a barrel in oil. While it may cost you a bit more at the pump, energy makes up a large portion of the S&P weighting and if we can move above $50/bbl then it will continue lifting the S&P.

Lastly, the Fed move yesterday to print $1 Trillion to buy up long bonds and mortgage securities is a big move. We won't debate the longer term implications but shorter term this will drop the dollar and have positive impacts on stocks / commodities.

My gut feel is that we continue to rally through early summer. There is a potential for the S&P to move up to 1000 or so. After that it is a toss up on whether we have to make another run lower or if we hold the gains.

Reminder of Tax limits for 2008 / 2009:


For those readying their 08 returns here is a reminder on last minute IRA contributions:

Roth income restrictions: $159k married filing jointly / $101k single. Over these amounts and you phase out of eligibility.

IRA limits: $5000 plus $1000 over 50 catchup


Roth income restrictions: $166k married filing jointly / $105k single. Over these amounts and you phase out of eligibility.

IRA limits: $5000 plus $1000 over 50 catchup

401k limits: $16,500 plus $5500 over 50 catchup

SIMPLE IRA: $11,500 plus $2500 over 50 catchp

SEP IRA (DC plan limit): $49,000



James A. Daniel,

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