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Issue 13 • June 2008 

June Newsletter

In this issue we explore the newest challenge on the myVizer website, talk investment strategy and remind you how not to cause headaches for those settling your estate.

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Where is this market headed?

Last week I sent a communication to my investment management clients discussing the market being in an area I was not real comfortable with (no man's land). This was mainly due to the 10% rise off of the March lows and the need for consolidation if we were going to be moving higher. Presently, there are a couple of key items that I am watching that will determine if new money should be invested or if we should buckle up and get ready for more downside.

Financials and Transports: There are two key sectors that I monitor that gives me some insight on where the broader market will be headed. The first is the Financial or Banking sector. This sector led the market on the way down this year and on the bounce up. Right now it is heading back toward lows which puts me in cautious mode. On the flip side the Transports recently hit all time highs, which based on Dow Theory is a bullish signal. So with 1 sector hitting highs and 1 hitting lows we aren't getting any clear indication.

VIX: This is the volatility index (or Fear index). This tracks the put/call ratio and is generally a good indicator of extreme sentiment that can signal tops and bottoms in the market. Currently this indicator is not registering much fear which tells me there is a bit of complacency in the marketplace. Not very bullish at the current levels.

S&P 500: We ran up into resistence and have now stalled out. If the market is going to push higher this index will need to hold up in this area. If we roll beneath 1375 again it could be challenging. On the flipside if we can recapture a commanding presence above 1420 this market could move on up to 1500 area.

Overall, I am cautious. The easy money has been made off of the March lows. Unless we get some shifts in the above indicators I am content to maintain current allocations which include about 20% cash positions.

Digital age of Estate planning:

As the internet becomes a standard in everyday life and online accounts and communication become a necessity, it's time to consider how your family can access important information after your death.

Have you stopped to consider how many log-in ID's you use routinely? How about your computer, email, bank, investment and backup storage accounts? What would happen if you died tomorrow? Would your family be able to access your online documents, files or accounts?

Did you know that many internet providers that offer free online email accounts will terminate your account and erase all data when they receive notification of your death? They will also refuse to give out passwords to family members unless instructed by the courts.

When you are preparing your estate plan make sure that along with an inventory of assets and liabilities you also include a listing of online userid's and passwords for all accounts that your executor would need access to. This can even hold true if you are incapacitated and someone needs to get online to pay your mortgage and utility bills.


James A. Daniel,

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