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The Advisory Firm Newsletter:  July 2014

THIS MONTH IN PERSONAL FINANCE: weekly finance news, market update, reverse mortgages, an IRA funded business, medicare, alternative investments & optimizing social security benefits..........


Unreal how fast this summer is flying by. Here we are mid-July and I realized I was late on getting the newsletter out. I've been working on some new technology features that I hope to unveil in a few months, which will hopefully bring this newsletter up to the latest tech standards. So until then here is a summary of articles over the past few week:


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Where is the market headed?:

Two weeks ago I sent an email to my investing clients warning that we were entering the 3rd quarter and to expect a lot more volatility in the markets through September/October time frame. It isn't that I have any magical powers to predict what lies ahead, but as a market technician I continually study historical movements in the market and believe it or not many times they repeat. If you happen to be reading this on Friday, I'm sure the news media will be in an uproar about how the market is now in the long awaited correction. However, I don't think so just yet. Friday might be a tough one, but still think the S&P makes another leap higher over 2000 before we need to prepare for any meaningful correction. That of course is opinion, so we shall see. Regardless, get ready for more volatility (big swings) from here on out. I don't think the bull market is over, but signs are pointing to a legitimate correction not to far down the road.

All this leads me to a blog on Bob Farrell's Rules of Investing. Bob was a Merrill Lynch technical analyst that developed 10 rules that have held true for many years. Whether a pro or not, you will become a better investor if you remember these rules:.

Want to read more?: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=544

What exactly is a Reverse Mortgage?:

It seems that the news channels constantly run commercials with actors endorsing reverse mortgages for seniors. A Reverse Mortgage (aka Home Equity Conversion Mortgages) is a tool to extract the equity in your home, continue living there and not have to make a mortgage payment. A deferred mortgage would be a good analogy. If you are interested in a quick primer here is a blog post on the topic:

Here is a link to read more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=538



I hope you never do this, but if you do:

There was a bit of news coverage on IRA's recently and this topic seemed to be getting some press. It involves using your IRA to purchase a business. In other words if you got the entrepreneurial bug and wanted to own a business but the only capital you had was in your retirement account, well there are work arounds without having to liquidate the IRA and pay a big tax bill. If you are interested in how this works you can read more here:



Medicare summary:

A local benefit specialist put together a condensed summary of Medicare and gave the okay to share with my readers, so here you go:




What's an Alternative:

I'm not sure if you guys hear about this or if it is strictly on the advisor side, but I can't go a day without seeing news articles on Alternatives as the hottest new investment strategy. Actually, there is nothing new about Alternative asset classes, what is new is that they are now accessible to all investors not just institutions. I personally like strategies that are not 100% correlated to the stock market because they offer a good diversifier for clients. If you are interested in learning more here is a blog from early summer:

Click here to read more:



get an extra $100k in social security benefits:

Okay, so that is a teaser but believe it or not with a little strategic planning for your social security benefits you can actually increase your cummulative lifetime benefit significantly.

I've got a nifty social security analysis tool that I run different claiming strategies for clients. Depending on when you claim and if you employ some file/suspend or spousal only type strategies your benefits can really add up.

Learn more here: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=515


That about wraps it up for this month. Hope you all enjoy your summer and look forward to sharing some new tools (think video) in future newsletters!

James Daniel, CFP®, CMT, EA

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