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The Advisory Firm Newsletter:  September 2013

THIS MONTH IN PERSONAL FINANCE: Affordable Care Act Exchanges open Oct 1, Know your Stuff, State Finances, Insurance for Insurers & something completely off topic.


A recap of blog posts from the past few weeks as we gear up for the exciting month of October where politics, tapering and healthcare will take centerstage.

Healthcare Exchanges Oct 1:

Everyone is waiting in anticipation to find out exactly how much their healthcare insurance costs will change when the ACA goes into effect on Jan 1. As a reference point everyone will get a peak at the rates on the State Exchanges when they roll out on Oct 1. From there you decide to stay with your existing coverage or jump to the exchange. In this blog post I have tried to give you a quick summary of the ACA exchanges and some links to educate yourself a bit more.

Here is the blog post to learn more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=373


Know your Stuff:

Quick Question: If a fire, flood or other natural disaster destroyed your home, could you quickly come up with a list of your possessions for your Insurance Agent? I'll bet it would be hard for anyone to do this now, let alone when under the stress of having to deal with it in real life.

On this blog post I highlighted a few ways that you can inventory each room in your home and one service that will give you a secure place on the cloud to store a video of the contents:

Here is the blog post to learn more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=382


State Financial Health

Morningstar came out with an interesting paper on the financial health of each State. This was mainly a look at their unfunded liabilities (pensions being the largest) and how that could affect not only pensioners but also municipal bond investors as well

Here is a link to read more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=387



Insurance for Insurers?

So the FDIC insures your money in a bank and the SIPC covers your money in an investment account, who protects your money held in life insurance or annuities?

It's a little more involved, but in this blog post I explain about state Guaranty Associations and what would happen in the event your insurance company were declared insolvent: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=389



Clean up your computer....

Okay, so I promised something completely off topic that I thought was beneficial enough to share. Have you ever seen those commercials on TV that show the people frustrated with the speed of their PC? It advertises a product that supposedly will get rid of old files and malware that can slow your computer down. I was always interested but very reluctant to download as I wasn't sure it would work and was fairly certain they would be selling something to pay for those commercials.

Recently, I downloaded a product that has a "free" version that made some noticeable improvements in the speed of my PC. So if you are frustrated that your computer seems to be much slower than when you first bought it, consider giving this a try. I will warn you that it erases all the cookies on your PC, so any website passwords that you had autofill, may not pop up. So make sure you remember those before running this tool:



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