Financial Planning Newsletter• Oct 8th 2009 

Financial Planning Newsletter

This month: More items for you avid readers.

With August being a traditionally slower time in the investing world, I embarked on two projects that were unveiled this week. A Blog and an EBook.

Married to a Miser?

As I scoured the internet to find out what other Financial Planners were doing online, I found that many had launched web blogs that contained a lot of the same info that I send out in these monthly newsletters.

The purpose of this monthly newsletter has always been to incorporate relevant investing, tax and personal finance news and tips. As I debated on launching a blog it seemed redundant to put the same material out there in a blog format, so after a bit of brainstorming and conversations with my wife the following was hatched:

Married to a Miser

The purpose is definitely financial infotainment. The blog is a light hearted look at personal finance from a married couples perspective. It will definitely not be a rehash of the monthly newlsetters. The blog will be updated multiple times a week, so if you are into the blogosphere please follow along.

Don't Get Madoffed - A Consumer Guide

Another project that I put together over the past month was an E-Book consumer guide on Investment Scams. It's a quick read and available in a PDF format, which makes it easy to view online or print out. Feel free to share with whomever you think might be interested:

Don't Get Madoffed


We will be back to normal newsletter material at the end of the month. Lastly, for those procrastinators who filed tax extensions, the deadline is next week! Get busy.


James A. Daniel,

This newsletter if for informational purposes only. The information contained within should not be considered as financial advice nor soliciation for financial services. Consult with your financial professional if you have any questions.

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