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The Advisory Firm Newsletter:  November 2013

THIS MONTH IN PERSONAL FINANCE: medicare open enrollment, Flex Spending Accounts, Deferred Comp, Retirement Bonds, the family talk....


A recap of personal finance blog posts from the past few weeks as we work our way toward turkey day.

Medicare Open Enrollment until Dec 7th:

It's open enrollment time for Medicare, Advantage Plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans through Dec 7th. In this blog post I try to point out a few things to look for when shopping plans and give some links to some helpful resources:

Here is the blog post to learn more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=426


Use it or Lose it, the FSA's:

A lot of employees take advantage of FSA's and this time of year they try to figure out all the ways to use the pre-tax contributions so as to not forfeit the money. Well the IRS has just come out with a new rule that could let you carry over $500 into the following year, there is just one catch:

Here is the blog post to learn more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=424


Deferred Comp plan?

Do you like delayed gratification? Or are you the type that goes by the saying "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush"? I am of course referring to deferred compensation plans. These plans are commonly offered to upper management and the executives of larger companies, but are they worth it?

Here is a link to read more: http://www.marriedtoamiser.com/?p=387



Retirement Bonds via the US Treasury:

As concern grows about the lack of retirement savings by a majority of the population the US Treasury is proposing a new alternative, Retirement Bonds. At least that is what they are pitching, maybe they just need someone to purchase our debt since the Chinese aren't buying as much? Read on:




The most difficult discussion....

As a planner the most challenging discussions I have with clients are when we talk about insurance and estate planning. An even more challenging discussion is when family members have to open up to each other about their own mortality or future care issues. As difficult as it seems, families need to have this talk. Either spouse to spouse, parent to child or child to parent.

Having the talk is difficult, trying to figure out what to do on the fly without having a plan is ten times worse:




James Daniel, CFP®

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